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I already have a WIX Premium... how do I switch to a WIX All-Access Plan?

You may even be eligible for a refund.

Let's check if your current Wix Premium is still eligible for a refund.

My Refund was denied. What can I do?

There is an automatic review of your request. So, if you are denied, then submit a ticket for a human to review your request.

A conversation with WIX.

Why are you requesting a refund?

My current plan and pricing are simply not working for me and I am committed to finding a different solution.

And, in the meantime, I want to cancel my plan and be refunded. Can you help me do that?


Yes, we will issue you a refund.

Thank you. What are next steps?


You will need to cancel your current plan and wait for your refund.

Thank you.

OR, they may say

How about we offer you a better deal?

Thank you. Would this deal include a Premium Ascend Plan?

* Listen and take it from there. You may end up with a better plan for the rest of your subscription  year.

Nothing worked

Worst case scenario, they say no. You can keep your current plan and wait until the end of your subscription year. But don't wait too long. This is a limited-time-offer.

I don't want to wait. Can I upgrade now?

PRO-TIP: A refund may require you to cancel your current plan. This means that your website may be down until you activate your new All-Access Plan. Before you cancel your exiting plan, Book Your Activation Call ▸

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